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Compostable Workwear - harnessing the power of compostable plasic

What Is LOOP™ Compostable Workwear?

Every year, companies like yours contemplate what they are going to do with the workwear items they don’t need any more. Uniforms are a key part of keeping staff safe and promoting your brand. They are a hugely necessary part of any business. But, the fact of the matter is… they create waste. And in

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The Power of Recycled Polyester

The Power Of Recycled Polyester

Traditionally, a large amount of workwear is made from polyester. It is a durable material that is both lightweight and strong. As well as all that, it is easily printable and simple to care for. BUT (and this is a big but)… it is absolutely horrendous for the environment. It is so bad, that the

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The Sustainable Custom Workwear Designs Your Company Needs

The Sustainable Custom Workwear Designs Your Company Needs

Do you struggle to find what you need within the pages of a workwear catalogue? Your brand is unique and the standard options don’t seem to fit. They always seem to be slightly the wrong colour or not the right option for your brand message. Obviously, workwear is an important part of your brand. It

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What is HeiQ Viroblock

What is HeiQ Viroblock?

Life changed drastically for most people on the planet in 2020. We all received a fast-tracked education on everything, from remote work and video calling to social distancing and personal hygiene. With handwashing and mask-wearing becoming the normalised thing to do, 2020 has nailed home the importance of protecting ourselves and those around us from

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What Impact Are We Having On This Earth?

New Zealanders create 15.5 million tonnes of waste every year. That’s 3,200kg per New Zealander. Putting it into real terms, it’s like every New Zealander is cramming around 30 All Blacks into their rubbish bags and recycling bins every year. That is a lot of waste. Even worse than that, only 28% of that waste

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Bio Cotton Workwear and Uniforms

Bio Cotton Uniforms Combine The Very Best of Two Polar Opposites. Organic Cotton & Synthetic Fibers. Bio Cotton is when you take Organic Cotton and blend this with a synthetic fiber. I love Organic Cotton and the benefits of a sustainably sourced natural fiber. These are: Low skin irritation. Are less prone to static charge.

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Sustainable Workwear NZ

Sustainable Workwear Designed In NZ

Sustainable Workwear Uniforms are an important step in reducing waste that all businesses can participate in. Workwear clothing is a highly consumed product across all types of industries. Uniforms are an important part of a brands identity and enable businesses to ensure staff are presentable when dealing with customers. Also for some industries, it's an
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Winter Uniforms

Winter Uniforms For 2018

Winter Uniforms from The Loop provide staff with superior warmth, durability and will ensure comfort throughout the cold winter months.  When considering your companies winter uniform requirements, it is important to keep in mind three key areas. Comfort - How often are your staff outside?  Whats the environment like, drafty warehouse, office bound or on
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NZ Uniforms

NZ Uniforms Design

NZ Uniforms Design. How Local Knowledge Makes A Difference The Loop NZ Uniforms design and manufacture corporate wear, workwear and hi vis safety clothing. With our own in-house uniform design and pattern making team. All our NZ Uniforms are designed specifically for local conditions, sizes and expectations. Any customization you require can be controlled by
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