Recycled Polyester Workwear

Recycled Polyester Workwear – Giving Plastic Waste A Second Purpose

Recycled Polyester is made from 100% PET plastic bottles.  

PET Bottles are cleaned and crushed into a fine flake. Then refined into a high-quality Polyester yarn that is used for our fabrics. This process requires no petrol-chemicals completely cutting out any fossil fuels. It is a highly sustainable way to add the benefits of durability and fade resistance to fabric.

100% Recycled Polyester Fabric has been designed specifically for workwear use. It’s treated for moisture wicking to draw sweat away from the body and has an anti-bacterial finish to prevent odours. Tested 5/5 giving an excellent rating for fade resistance under UV light.

Learn more about The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) following this link

This sustainable fabric option provides your staff with the highest durability and comfort available. While taking our waste and turning it into functional workwear.

Recycling full story: from bottle to workwear

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