Bespoke Workwear Solutions that are good for the environment

Did you know that 11.2 million tons of waster goes into New Zealand landfills every year?
20% of that waste is created by the textile industry.

If we continue with the current throwaway culture mentality, then the results could be catastrophic for the planet.

These staggering statistics were part of the reason that LOOP™ Workwear was formed.  The Thornton family saw a practical way that we could all do better.

So, they created a range of workwear solutions that are all either compostable or biodegradable, or created from a 100% recycled substance.

This is our story.

Why LOOP Workwear?

With generations of experience in the fashion industry, we were sick of the throwaway fashion culture. We made it our mission to correct the problem, rather than add to it.

That is why every product we stock is good for the environment.

Each fabric follows sustainable production processes to reduce harmful emissions from entering the environment.

We have innovative solutions for the growing plastic problem. Instead of adding to the problem, we take away from it. Our 100% recycled polyester fabric diverts PET plastic
bottles that were destined for landfill into a practical second purpose. It also holds GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certification.

In just one order of 300 polo shirts, we have been able to prevent 5400 plastic bottles (that’s 190kg of plastic waste) from going into landfill. Plus, they were all made via a no petrol production process.

Garment end of life is also a top priority for us. Which is why we created an environmentally responsible closed loop production process for our biodegradable and compostable fabrics.
The production process itself is low impact and at the end of a garment’s life, it can be returned to nature in just 90 days via composting.

Are You Ready To Make A Difference?

One company saving a few thousand PET bottles from entering a landfill may seem like a tiny sustainable step forward. But, imagine the difference we could make if EVERY company took this step?

It is down to us to protect this planet and we want to help you do your part here at LOOP Workwear. Take the first tiny step towards sustainability by contacting our team today.

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    The Creation Of LOOP Workwear

    Hi, I’m Brad Thornton, the founder and CEO of LOOP Workwear.

    Fabric is in my DNA.

    It all began in 1976 when my parents established Thorntons Ltd. For more than 40 years, Thorntons has supported leading NZ and international brands through the process of bringing designs to life. That includes everything from concept to the initial stages of pattern design, sample making, and preparing for manufacturing.

    I grew up immersed in the world of fabric and design, plus I have always been passionate about natural fibres.

    In 2004, those two passions combined when LOOP Workwear was created.

    The business began with Merino items and gradually expanded to include organic cotton, 100% recycled polyester and our flagship compostable fabric, Lyocell.

    Our Guarantee

    At Loop Workwear we stand behind all our products and want to ensure your brand is presented correctly, your staff are comfortable and are looking their best at all times.

    All Loop Workwear garments come with a right of return on faulty manufacturing or flaws in the fabric. Refer to our terms of trade, or speak to us for more details.