Winter Uniforms For 2018

Winter Uniforms from The Loop provide staff with superior warmth, durability and will ensure comfort throughout the cold winter months.  When considering your companies winter uniform requirements, it is important to keep in mind three key areas.

  1. Comfort – How often are your staff outside?  Whats the environment like, drafty warehouse, office bound or on site rain or shine?
  2. Functionality – What are their day to day activities?  If the role is active, breathability along with warmth need to be considered. How durable does the fabric need to be to ensure replacement costs are low? The functionality of your winter uniform can have an impact on your staff’s performance. Do they need access to pockets, ID cards? Or are they going from a warm office to a cold warehouse all day and need to add a layer quickly.
  3. Easy Care – The lower the maintenance the better the outcome for you and staff.  You can never assume that people will take care of uniforms like you would like them too.  This is why we ensure all our uniform fabrics are low maintenance.
  4. Professionalism – Does the winter uniform reflect your brands or companies professionalism? It’s no good turning up to a corporate event wearing the lowest cost fleece you could fine. What message does that send? The same can be said for over-dressing your staff.

Below are our key fabric that we utilizing in our winter uniform designs. All are used specifically for corporate uniform and workwear use.

Merino Wool Winter Uniforms

The Loop design and manufacture our own range of merino wool winter uniforms. All 100% merino wool styles from The Loop are proudly made in New Zealand. Using only the very best locally sourced merino wool. Choose from a wide range of ladies merino tops, merino wool polo shirts and merino sweatshirts. All are offered in a wide range of stock colours with a very small minimum order required.

Merino wool, despite what some people think. Is a very affordable, long lasting fabric for uniform use. Provided you have a low staff turn over. You can expect to get several years of use out of a merino wool winter uniform. Many adventure-wear brands use merino wool due to it’s durable nature, easy care and odourless properties. Merino wool also looks great with jeans or dress trousers. Making it a very flexible choice for your staff to wear as they please.

To view our full range of Merino Uniforms follow this link.

Cotton Sweatshirts – The Forgotten Winter Uniforms Fabric

100% Cotton Sweat shirting is both incredibly warm and durable. At a fraction of the cost compared to merino wool. This is a fantastic option for businesses that are looking to offer an affordable winter uniform that will still satisfy staff. The Loop’s cotton fleece is brushed on the inside to give a soft, warm feel against the skin. All our 100% cotton is pre-shrunk prior to construction of the garments. This relieves any concerns around shrinkage after the purchase.

Suitable for both screen-printing and embroidery of your logo. This gives you all the options you need for branding your customer made winter uniforms to suit the look that you are wanting to achieve.

Polyester Fleece – Keeping You Warm Rain Or Shine

Polyester fleece is one of the greatest synthetic fibers when looking for a winter uniform that will suit both wet and dry environments. With fast drying properties, polyester fleece is very popular for workwear winter uniforms. As it will dry fast both over night in the wash or at site with a little sunshine.

Hi Vis Winter Uniforms are also predominantly in polyester fleece. This is due to polyester fabric being both affordable and it’s ability to hold it’s luminescence in both wet and dry conditions.

The negative side to polyester is it’s static electricity that it can create. Making this not suitable at all for electrical or gas fitting jobs. These roles are more suited to natural fibers such as cotton or merino wool.

To view our full range or workwear fleece options follow this link.

Talk To The Loop NZ About Your Winter Uniforms

We are here to help. We have the background and hands on knowledge to assist you in choosing the very best winter uniforms for your business.  The Loop is all designed in NZ and made factory direct. So we know our products inside and out!