Sustainable Custom Workwear Designs Your Company Needs

Sustainable Custom Workwear

Sustainable Custom Workwear Designs from LOOP Workwear will enhance your brand presence, while being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Do you struggle to find what you need within the pages of a workwear catalogue?

Your brand is unique and the standard options don’t seem to fit. They always seem to be slightly the wrong colour or not the right option for your brand message.

Obviously, workwear is an important part of your brand.

It unifies your staff and raises awareness of your company in the community. So, you want to get it right. But, you don’t want to have to settle for something that isn’t on brand.

Enter LOOP™  Workwear and our ability to create the custom workwear designs you need.

Even better, you get to do it in a sustainable way.

Not only do we have 100% sustainable, biodegradable and compostable fabrics, but we also have a 100% recycled polyester fabric that quite literally takes plastic waste and gives it a second purpose through your uniforms.

Read on to find out how you can get the exact design you need for your company’s workwear AND how you can get them in an environmentally friendly way.

Sustainable Custom Workwear Designs

Many of our clients have very specific ideas about what they want their workwear, uniforms and promotional wear to look like. Buying out of a catalogue just doesn’t seem to produce the right results.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do that!

Here at LOOP™ Workwear, we offer in-house pattern and sample making facilities, meaning you get exactly what you want when it comes to your workwear, uniforms and promotional gear.

We quite literally act as your ‘fashion house’!

We do this by pinning down (excuse the pun!) exactly what you need, create digital mockups and pre-production samples, then you are happy with the results, we put our expert production team to work.

We also have a Made to Order range that offers 60 different styles that can be customised in your choice of colours and sizes, then completed with your company branding. With our help, you can create custom workwear or uniforms that are completely unique to your business.

Sustainable Fabrics

Designing your own unique workwear range is one thing, but being able to do it in an environmentally friendly way takes it to the next level!

Workwear, uniforms and promotional gear are necessary parts of doing business. But, if not handled correctly, they can create a lot of unnecessary waste. In a world that is already dealing with a huge waste problem, it is irresponsible not to look for sustainable options.

LOOP™  Workwear is committed to sustainability at every level. Which is why we have developed our range of sustainable fabrics and socially responsible manufacturing processes.

  • 100% Recycled Polyester: Our 100% recycled polyester is an incredibly durable fabric created from PET milk and soft drink bottles that gives waste a second chance. It also holds GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification. Able to be coloured and cut as you need, it is perfect for t-shirts, polos, polar fleece, Hi Vis, vests and more.
  • 100% Compostable Lyocell: Our Lyocell fabric is tough and durable, yet 100% biodegradable and can compost within 90 days. Lyocell is naturally breathable, has no-shrinkage and has a cooling effect on the body, making it perfect for workwear. Suitable for everything from polo shirts to Hi Vis, it is the best environmental option.
  • Bio-Cotton: Layering certified GOTS organic cotton as an inner layer and 100% recycled polyester as the outer layer, you get an ideal workwear fabric. With durability and comfort, this fabric is perfect for t-shirts, polos, hoddies and more.
  • Merino Wool: Warm, soft and comfortable, Merino offers natural insulation making it the perfect choice for every season. A New Zealand icon, Merino wool is a naturally renewable and biodegradable fibre. It is ideal for tops, vests, beanies and sweatshirts.

Being able to achieve brand visibility in an environmentally friendly way demonstrates your commitment to sustainable practices and enhances your company message.

Examples Of Our Custom Designs

When it comes to designing custom workwear pieces with LOOP™ , you are only limited by your imagination! Here are some of the recent designs we have put together for our clients:

Hi Vis Tops: This Hi Vis design is inspired by the shirts of the Kiwis League team. Created for Mainstream Freight, who are sponsors of the league team, it nails the brief of function and unique branding! Made from GRS Certified Recycled Polyester, it is also an environmentally friendly uniform option for a large company.

Button-Up Shirts: This shirt is a custom design in orange and black check to match with a client’s branding. Made from 100% yarn-dyed cotton with coconut shell buttons, this is a 100% bio-degradable piece. It matches perfectly with their orange and black Hi Vis (made from 100% recycled polyester) for a completely sustainable uniform option!












Are you interested in knowing about how you can create custom sustainable workwear, uniform or promotional pieces for your company? Then, get in touch with the team here at LOOP™  Workwear and take your first step towards a better future for our earth!