Bio Cotton Workwear and Uniforms

Bio Cotton Uniforms Combine The Very Best of Two Polar Opposites. Organic Cotton & Synthetic Fibers.

Bio Cotton is when you take Organic Cotton and blend this with a synthetic fiber. I love Organic Cotton and the benefits of a sustainably sourced natural fiber. These are:

  • Low skin irritation.
  • Are less prone to static charge.
  • Naturally breathable.
  • Bio-degradable
  • And less chemicals contacting your skin each day.

However for uniform use, cotton does have some drawbacks that always need to be considered. Cotton does fade over time and is not as durable as synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon.

So to be able to gain all the benefits of Organic Cotton whilst combining the durability of synthetic fibers was an exciting idea.  If you have read my previous post on Sustainable Fabrics you’ll know how i feel about utilizing Recycled Polyester. Made from dis-guarded milk and soft-drink bottles. Recycled Polyester gives you the durability and colour fast benefits synthetic fibers provide. In the most sustainable manor, reducing landfill and waste overall.

Bio Cotton Knits – For Polos & T Shirts

Knits are what we use for polo shirts and t-shirts.  The Loop’s Bio Cotton Polo Shirts are a layered fabric, not a blend. With Organic Cotton on the inner side, against the skin. Recycled Polyester on the outer side, giving durability and a colour fast fabric.

With a content of 60% Bio Cotton on the inside. The fabric feels just like wearing 100% cotton. Giving your staff a very comfortable and breathable polo shirt for their work uniform.

Woven Bio Cotton Fabrics – Balancing Comfort & Durability

Some workwear environments are harsh on fabrics. Working with steel, timber and other construction & industrial materials require an increased level of durability.  Many brands see making fabric thicker or entirely from from synthetics as the best way to increase durability.

This is not the case. You do not have to forgo comfort just to ensure your shirts last longer that the first week on site.

The Loop’s Bio Cotton Drill fabrics are made from 60% Organic Cotton with 40% Recycled Polyester. Giving you a highly durable fabric that is cotton rich and gaining all the benefits or natural breath-ability and a softer fabric.