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LOOP™ Workwear Offers Durability, Functionality and Comfort.

Designed here in New Zealand, specifically with local working conditions in mind.  We offer both made to order custom workwear to fit your specific organisational needs as well as a selection of off the shelf work uniforms.  We have an impressive selection of women’s workwear, sustainable work shirts & polos that provide outstanding breathability and comfort all year round.



Since we have had such an incredible response from New Zealand businesses and families for our antiviral face masks in adult sizes, we have developed a range of reusable kids face masks.   Using Swiss technology, this multilayered, reusable antiviral kids face mask is a great option for your child and the environment.

We’ve designed a comfy, breathable kids face mask that is reusable, antiviral and antibacterial! Now that the NZ lockdown restrictions for Schools are easing, protect your family with NZ’s safest reusable antiviral kids face mask today!

When visibility at work is a must, our range of Hi Vis workwear in high quality sustainable fabrics is a great solution.  Choose safety apparel which will stand the test of time and bring comfort to your staff.  You can be sure of it due to the combination of sustainability and designs created for NZ working conditions.  All sustainable Hi Vis clothing meets ALI AS/NZS safety standards providing your staff with maximum visibility; and Hi Vis vests, polo shirts & t-shirts come in possibly NZ;s widest variety of sizes from XS through to 9XL.

All our hi-vis clothing can be printed with your name or logo and we can offer significant discounts if you order in quantities. 


When choosing LOOP™ Workwear as your work uniform provider you are reducing the environmental footprint of your workplace as we are New Zealand’s leading Sustainable Workwear Supplier so it’s better for you, your pocket & the planet.


Compostable Workwear - harnessing the power of compostable plasic

What Is LOOP™ Compostable Workwear?

Every year, companies like yours contemplate what they are going to do with the workwear items they don’t need any more. Uniforms are a key part of keeping staff safe and promoting your brand. They are a hugely necessary part of any business. But, the fact of the matter is… they create waste. And in

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The Power of Recycled Polyester

The Power Of Recycled Polyester

Traditionally, a large amount of workwear is made from polyester. It is a durable material that is both lightweight and strong. As well as all that, it is easily printable and simple to care for. BUT (and this is a big but)… it is absolutely horrendous for the environment. It is so bad, that the

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The Sustainable Custom Workwear Designs Your Company Needs

The Sustainable Custom Workwear Designs Your Company Needs

Do you struggle to find what you need within the pages of a workwear catalogue? Your brand is unique and the standard options don’t seem to fit. They always seem to be slightly the wrong colour or not the right option for your brand message. Obviously, workwear is an important part of your brand. It

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