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Corporate workwear is the key focus of Loop Workwear, which aspires to become one of NZ’s most trusted brands. Also known as The Loop Uniforms, we specialise in Corporate & Workwear as well as Hi Vis designed for NZ working conditions. Our experienced NZ based team brings a wealth of expertise to ensure your staff feel happy and perform better wearing durable, comfortable and functional workwear.

Enquire today to discover how innovative sustainable materials make a difference to the presentation of your brand through workwear.

Established in 1976 as Thorntons Ltd, and now trading as Loop Workwear, the company is rapidly becoming a trend setter in sustainable workwear because of its ability to manufacture workwear using innovative recycled materials unique to Loop Workwear.

Corporate Workwear designed in NZ to meet the needs of modern corporate wear offering style, functionality and comfort.
Easy care, functional fabrics are used to ensure your staff look their best during whole work day.

Loop Workwear is designed in NZ for NZ hard-wearing conditions. Made in durable, breathable fabrics so as your day’s work load increases. Your workwear and uniform will perform well and work as hard as you do.

Loop Workwear Hi Vis range is  made entirely from sustainable and recycled materials. Giving you the most comfortable, durable, sustainable Hi Vis workwear and uniform options available.

Loop Workwear searched the globe to bring modern innovation in sustainable fabrics to New Zealand.
Our team is fascinated with new technologies allowing business to achieve sustainability goals.

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Delivering quality since 1976

Loop Workwear’s passion is to ensure NZ workforce enjoys workwear which is comfortable, functional and sustainable.

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Sustainable Workwear Designed In NZ

Sustainable Workwear Uniforms are an important step in reducing waste that all businesses can participate in. Workwear clothing is a highly consumed product across all types of industries. Uniforms are an important part of a brands identity and enable businesses to ensure staff are presentable when dealing with customers. Also for some industries, it's an [...]
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Winter Uniforms For 2018

Winter Uniforms from The Loop provide staff with superior warmth, durability and will ensure comfort throughout the cold winter months.  When considering your companies winter uniform requirements, it is important to keep in mind three key areas. Comfort - How often are your staff outside?  Whats the environment like, drafty warehouse, office bound or on [...]
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Bio Cotton Workwear and Uniforms

Bio Cotton Uniforms Combine The Very Best of Two Polar Opposites. Organic Cotton & Synthetic Fibers. Bio Cotton is when you take Organic Cotton and blend this with a synthetic fiber. I love Organic Cotton and the benefits of a sustainably sourced natural fiber. These are: Low skin irritation. Are less prone to static charge. […]

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