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Loop Workwear NZ

Loop Workwear Specializes In Sustainable & Custom Workwear.

With A Goal To Deliver Uniforms That Have The Lowest Environmental Impact.

With fabrics made from Recycled Plastic Bottles. To Compostable & Bio-Degradable Natural Fibers creating a permanent “End of Garment Life” solution. Loop Workwear can achieve a 100% sustainable uniform for any sized business.

Loop Workwear can provide either a stock “off the shelf” sustainable uniform solution. Choose from our diverse range of Made To Order designs to incorporate your company colours & branding. Or for a truly unique workwear uniform to reflect your specific needs, Loop Workwear can create everything from needed from fabrics to the final design.

Established in 1976 as Thorntons Ltd providing pattern making, sampling and manufacturing to leading sports and fashion brands. Thorntons Ltd created Loop Workwear to bring our unique set of skills and experience to businesses for their uniform needs.

Sustainable Workwear Fabrics

Taking our plastic waste and recycling into functional workwear uniforms. Made from Certified PET Plastic Bottles & backed with the Global Recycled Standard for authenticity.  Loop Workwear has a diverse range of t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts & jackets made in 100% Recycled Polyester

Organic Cotton with Recycled Polyester, taking the best of both fibers. All Loop Workwear Bio Cotton fabrics have GOTS Certified Organci Cotton on the inside with all the natural benefits against the body. Certified Recycled Polyester on the outter  giving increased durability, colour fast properties.

Lyocell - Loop Workwear NZ


From The Earth, Returned To Earth. 
Lyocell is the worlds most sustainable fiber. Made from wood tree pulp. It is naturally breathable, odourless, and has a cooling effect. Ideal for hot and humid environments. Lyocell is both compostable & biodegradable. Reducing our overall waste.

New Zealand’s natural wonder fiber. All proudly made in NZ. Loop Workwear Merino Wool Uniforms offer superior comfort and natural warmth. Available in t-shirts, polos & sweatshirts with custom locally made production available on request.  

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Delivering quality since 1976

Loop Workwear’s passion is to ensure NZ workforce enjoys workwear which is comfortable, functional and sustainable.

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Sustainable Workwear Designed In NZ

Sustainable Workwear Uniforms are an important step in reducing waste that all businesses can participate in. Workwear clothing is a highly consumed product across all types of industries. Uniforms are an important part of a brands identity and enable businesses to ensure staff are presentable when dealing with customers. Also for some industries, it's an [...]
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Winter Uniforms For 2018

Winter Uniforms from The Loop provide staff with superior warmth, durability and will ensure comfort throughout the cold winter months.  When considering your companies winter uniform requirements, it is important to keep in mind three key areas. Comfort - How often are your staff outside?  Whats the environment like, drafty warehouse, office bound or on [...]
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Bio Cotton Workwear and Uniforms

Bio Cotton Uniforms Combine The Very Best of Two Polar Opposites. Organic Cotton & Synthetic Fibers. Bio Cotton is when you take Organic Cotton and blend this with a synthetic fiber. I love Organic Cotton and the benefits of a sustainably sourced natural fiber. These are: Low skin irritation. Are less prone to static charge. […]

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