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Reusable Antiviral Kids Face Mask

$19.99 excl GST

Protect your family with New Zealand’s safest reusable antiviral face mask for kids.

This kids face mask is the practical, sustainable, and affordable mask option you’ve been looking for to protect your children. Using Swiss technology, this multilayered, reusable antiviral face mask is a great option for your child and the environment. 

Protect the entire family and get a quantity discount! Orders for both adult and kids sized face masks will be counted as the same product to give you a price break when you order more.


1-4 pce

excl GST
$ 19

5-19 pce

excl GST
$ 17

20+ pce

excl GST
$ 15

Breathable kids face mask

We know it’s important that kids feel comfortable and can breathe easily while wearing a mask, so these masks have been developed to be breathable and extremely comfortable for kids to wear all day long.  Designed so that children who also wear glasses do not suffer from their glasses fogging up when wearing this kids face mask.

  • 99.99% bacterial reduction (ISO 20743:2013(E))
  • Antiviral protection against coronavirus/H1N1 (ISO 18174)
  • Innovative treated fabric that kills germs upon contact with the mask
  • Tested for 8 hours of comfortable continuous use
  • Adjustable ear loops to ensure the best fit.
  • Washable, reusable (maximum 20 hand washes)
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Designed in Switzerland by HeiQ

PPE face masks are meant to protect from dangerous viruses and bacteria. But, many can actually put you at risk if not worn correctly. Often, they will need to be changed regularly throughout the day to remain effective.

Options like the disposable surgical tie-on face masks (or elastic varieties) have to be changed every hour! As well as being impractical, this can create a huge amount of un-recyclable waste.

That’s why a reusable face mask like this is the best option.

Get Masked Reusable Antiviral Face Mask - Protective face Mask layers

There are four layers to this reusable kids face mask:

  1. The outer layer is made of 100% nylon knitted fabric and treated with the antiviral HeiQ Viroblock.
  2. The second layer is made from a non-woven polyproline.
  3. The middle third layer is nylon with an e-PTFE membrane. This means the mask will intercept any respiratory droplets, PM2.5 (microscopic pollutants in the air), pollen, viruses, oily particles, and any other pathogens that could be in the air. Unlike other masks that will filter anything that is small enough to fit through, this membrane kills it, ensuring the virus doesn’t reach you at all.
  4. The final layer is 100% nylon knitted soft-touch fabric made from R|Elan® FeelFresh Yarn. It contains anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties from the silver ion technology of HeiQ Viroblock.

These masks are approved by the JISL 1902 / ISO 20743 test and have passed the skin-friendly test: ISO 10993-10.

Reusable kids face mask use and wash care

Design Features

Soft-Touch Fabric

The innermost fabric layer that comes in direct contact with the skin is soft and comfortable and meets the requirements of the skin-friendly test: ISO 10993-10.

Adjustable Ear Loops

The woven elastic ear loops feature a barrel spring cord lock. This allows the user to adjust the tightness of the mask based on their face shape and size.

Breathable Fabrics 

The breathable fabrics used in the making of the mask have been tested for excellent air and vapour permeability. The masks are very good at evaporating the moisture from your breath making it far more comfortable and breathable. This is perfect for a mask you will wear throughout the day, rather than just for short stints. 

Enviro – Friendly

The reusable mask can be hand washed up to 20 times at room temperature without losing its efficacy. It is good for 20hrs use before needing a wash.

Store the mask in a dry place when not in use.

Mask Sizing

We recommend size Small for all kids aged 3-10.  The XS masks are for the little ones, ages 3 and under.
Teenagers we recommend to purchase the Adults size medium masks.

Reusable Face Mask Size Guide

*Please note, these face masks are not a medical-grade face mask, so is not intended for medical use.

This product cannot be shipped or sold in the US.

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  1. danielle_hattingh

    These masks are fantastic for my kids starting back at school. They are light, breathable and very comfortable. The ear loops are easily adjustable. Love that they are antiviral too!

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