Workwear Offers Functionality and Comfort

Loop Workwear NZ, designed in NZ for hard-wearing conditions.

Made in durable, breathable fabrics, so as your day’s work load increases you stay comfortable. Decades of experience allow Loop Workwear to deliver workwear which provide the all-day long comfort and functionality your team needs for peak performance. Just imagine workwear which works as hard as you do.

The Loop Workwear NZ is designed in New Zealand, specifically with local working conditions in mind. In fact, our capability to create custom workwear means you can ask for extra pockets, increase length or make other adjustments. Depending on the type of work your team is doing this can ensure they have more functionality than what off the shelf options offer.

Our experienced NZ based team of designers, pattern-makers and project management brings a wealth of expertise to ensure your staff feel happy and perform better wearing durable, comfortable and functional workwear. Learn more about the company here.

Enquire today to discover how innovative sustainable materials make a difference representing your brand through workwear.

When You’re Seeking a Workwear NZ Provider

You will find that the Loop Workwear approach offers the most flexibility, allowing you to secure a versatile Workwear solution which meets your specific business needs. You can choose from:

  • off the shelf workwear
  • custom workwear

In addition, you can choose the method of branding from embroidery, screen-printed and even have custom labels.

All Loop Workwear designs are created in-house by a team of experienced pattern makers. Our focus is comfort, durability and functionality.

That’s how we ensure your uniforms meet the day to day needs of your staff. Decades of experience supplying to wide range of industries means we can make suggestions about seemingly small yet valuable amendments to workwear, which are guaranteed to improve performance and overall sense of well-being allowing your team to perform at their best.

Our focus is comfort, durability and functionality.

Yes, you can choose from a variety of styles and colours, then add your branding which can be embroidered, screen-printed or even have custom labels.

Keep in mind that every employee represents your brand and every interaction with the world is an opportunity to communicate your company values, image and persona.

Loop Workwear is Committed to Offer Workwear for NZ which
  • reflects your brand image,
  • suits your working environment and
  • is easy-care to require little effort from your staff.

In other words, we ensure your team look their best at all times when representing your brand and your business.

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Most stock lines are available in all sizes from XS-5XL, 8-24 and can be branded using variety of methods from embroidery, screen-printed and even have custom labels.

Above all, Loop Workwear’s in-house NZ manufacturing facility allow any odd sizes or fits to be easily done to order. This is one of advantages of working directly with an experienced team.

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All Workwear manufactured by Loop Workwear can be branded in a variety of methods to give your corporate workwear a unique look which is consistent with your brand and allows your staff to represent your organisation:

  • embroidery
  • screen-printed
  • custom labels

Branding of your corporate workwear is incredibly important, because it might be the largest element of your presentation to the world. Combined, it might have more impact than any type of advertising or marketing you might think of.

When you consider the reality that your staff are representing your organisation around the clock, you recognise the value and importance of their workwear on a completely different level.

This is because the branding of your workwear can either enhance or devalue the overall look and objective. 

At Loop Workwear we have decades of experience of how corporate workwear can be similar yet distinctively different depending on the type of the team, the position of the person and even specifics of the work they are doing.

Everyone understands that office and field work require different attire, yet not everyone understand how to make sure that together they look like members of one team. At Loop we are experts in making sure your team looks as one even wearing a variety of uniforms.

Every interaction with the public is an opportunity for your brand to leave a long-lasting impression. First impressions count and position your business within the market. You might think workwear has nothing to do with Public Relations, yet in reality every one of your employees can become a brand ambassador in their own workplace.

Loop Workwear team is passionate about sustainability and has a goal to provide the most durable and comfortable workwear range available, while minimising environmental impact. That is why we searched the globe to find sustainable fabric options.

Many Loop Workwear garments are made in certified sustainable fabrics such as 100% Recycled Polyester, Organic Cotton, Merino and Tencel. Loop Workwear provides workwear and uniform options which meet both practical and environmentally responsible needs.

Talk to us more about sustainable workwear for your business today.

Browse our Workwear Range to see what styles we have available. Add styles to your Quote List that have the look that you are after for your staff. Your Quote List can then be sent to a colleague for discussion or e-mailed to us for a quote request.

If we do not have a style that fits your requirements we can Custom Design  a uniform or promotional item to suit your needs. Our in-house pattern making team have the experience and expertise to create a unique style that reflects your brand’s image.


All your workwear & uniform needs can be taken care of promptly and efficiently. Get in touch today to discuss how we can assist best, because there are plenty of options available for you:

  • Off the shelf stock in popular designs, 20+ different colours and a wide range of sizes
  • On-site seamstress to make necessary adjustments
  • No minimum order means you can get just what you need

Visit our showroom in the North Shore to explore over 80 designs that Loop Workwear offers.

All off the shelf stock items can be made to order in your choice of colours.

Need a bit extra? Reach out to talk with our in-house pattern making team, because creating a custom uniform that meets your individual needs is just a phone call away.

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Every business has different needs and we want to work with you to ensure these are met.  Contact Us to discuss further how your workwear requirements can be met with a wide range of garments from Loop Workwear.