Workwear Management

Discover simple solutions for managing your company workwear

If your business has lots of staff, multiple branches, or storage space issues, managing all the workwear and promotional wear your company needs can be a real challenge.

We’re here to make it simple for you, with easy workwear management solutions. Just use your online account to access all the options, including:

  • Easy re-ordering. We remember all your previous order sizes, colours, and fabric so you can login online and browse through and re-order more whenever needed.
  • Workwear reporting. Review your recent orders, check on stock levels.
  • Request samples.  Our system allows you to easily tell us what workwear samples you’d like to see, or view our full range and request samples for a new requirement or promotion.
  • Storage solutions. We’re able to store certain promotional gear or workwear for you if required. Stock levels and re-order reminders available for when stock runs low to ensure you don’t run out before new stock arrives in.

You can create access accounts for all key members of your staff, so everyone, no matter where they’re located can be on the same page with the company’s workwear requirements.

Let’s get started!

Every business has different needs and we want to work with you to ensure these are met.  Contact Us to discuss further how controlling your corporate workwear and promotional goods with Loop Workwear can take away a lot of the hassle.